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  • Back to LiveJournal, kind of.

    A little over a year ago, I set up this blog, Rich Text, on WordPress on my own domain, and since I had a permanent LiveJournal account (thanks, Rah!) that I didn’t want to leave to rot, I set up crossposting. That made sense at the time, because people could read one place or the […]

  • RSS feed readers: Flickr, del.icio.us change

    So I’ve finally got posting phone photos to Flickr working, and posting phone photos via Flickr to my blog working. That means that I can blog things that I see as they happen, instead of when I remember to get them off my phone! Which is good. But doing so reminded me that for ages […]

  • Inspire me.

    I have a bit more spare time these days. I should be posting here more. But I’m not! So outside of just forcing myself to post more often (and to post more “stuff I found on the web”, which usually I just share on a couple of IRC channels), I figured I’d ask you guys […]

  • Blogging about Zen

    This blog has never been about anything in particular, other than whatever might be going on in my mind that I feel like writing about. That’s not going to change anytime soon, but there’s one thing that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while, but was never sure where to begin because I’ve […]

  • More about that Amazon post

    David Goldenberg of Gelf Magazine has written an article about how Amazon referral IDs mutate as links cross the blogosphere, using that Amazon post of mine as an example. There’s a dorky picture of me there too.

  • Google and duplicate content

    If you’ve asked me recently about how I copy my posts onto LiveJournal, read this!  After years of being the #1 hit for “Rich Lafferty” on Google, I noticed last night that I’ve pretty much completely disappeared from Google (while maintaining top links in Yahoo and MSN Search). At first I thought that I’d been […]

  • My 15 minutes

    So my recent post about the most expensive items on Amazon was surprisingly popular. Since I tend to write here the same way I did in my LiveJournal, primarily for an audience of friends, I was a bit surprised by the attention (and doubly so since by the time I’d finished writing that post, I […]

  • My WordPress plugins

    I’d started writing a post about which WordPress plugins I’m using right after I got things up and running here, but decided to put it off because my plugin list was changing regularly. Things have settled down, though, and bunnyhero asked what plugins I was using, so now seems like a good time! Feel free […]