Fun with Google Maps

So Google Maps now has a satellite mode. Now, Americans have had various access to satellite imagery for a while, through
Terraserver and related sites, but good high-resolution coverage
of Canada other than Toronto is pretty rare. But Google has high-res imagery for Ottawa and Montreal, and medium-res for most of Ontario, so here are some mendel places! You might want to zoom in all the way — Google is only letting me zoom most of the way in.

  • I live in the apartment building in the centre of
    this photo. Before that, I lived at the building at the centre of this one. (The sprawling parking lot beside it is the Wal-Mart I used to complain about.)

  • I work in the square building in the centre of this one. Now, go across the road into the parking lot, take the fourth left along the middle driveway, and note two dark cars beside a white car — one of those dark cars is mine!
  • Candice and I met somewhere around the middle of this one, and we’re getting married at the middle of this one. You can see a little red spot dead centre there; that’s their awning.
  • Parliament Hill!
  • In Montreal, I lived here, but it’s low-res.
  • When I was in Montreal, I flew the airplanes at the centre of this picture. Someone else is landing right now! (Note that the taxiway beside the runway is well-labeled — it’s remarkably easy to line up on final to the taxiway.
  • The Big O turned out great in this picture.
  • One specific for the pilots: What if you built a huge, 2×12,000′-runway airport and nobody came?
  • For Vancouver folks: The katkam must be in this building.
  • Niagara Falls!

Man, I’m going to be poking at this for weeks.

13 responses to “Fun with Google Maps”

  1. *commenting at you here so he can hit both of you*

    I can recognize that giant parking lot even from the air!
    Lincoln Fields, n’est-ce pas?

    *goes off to do his own googling*

  2. I could understand that. That area seemed like…busy-ness without any use. Like, I don’t mind busy malls if they’re neat or fun or different, but it just seemed like Lincoln Fields was always A Big Bunch of People For No Good Reason.

    And bah, I can only get low-res on K-W.

  3. It does, and the marking below the horizontal “TAXI” doesn’t help any. I suspect it’s more there to make student pilots on short final for the taxiway go around than anything.

    You can tell from the taxiway markings which runway is used primarily for training, and where the winds are usually coming from, though. :-)