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  • three days to go!

    (Not counting today, of course.) Pretty quiet at work now between tapering off and other people’s vacations. I’m feeling pretty lame-duck. People are taking me out to lunch Thursday and Friday, though, so that’ll make those days go by quicker. I think I’m going to gather up my stuff Thursday and take it home that night, so […]

  • and boy are my arms tired

    Google, how do I get from New York to Paris?

  • Twittervision

    While I can’t say I’m a big fan of Twitter, I can’t seem to stop staring at Google Maps mashup Twittervision.

  • More with Google Maps

    Some more neat Google Maps satellite photos, mostly aviation-related but not all: Aircraft Boneyard, Davis Monthan Airforce Base, Tucson, AZ A bunch of neat stuff at Edwards AFB: Giant compass rose (with a B-52 at 270° for scale) Runway 18/36 on Rogers Dry Lake, ready for a Shuttle landing A pair of SR-71 Blackbirds Launch […]

  • arbitrary thumbtacks on maps.google.com

    Does anyone know how to get Google maps to locate a thumbtack at an arbitrary point on a map? I recall directions from Brevity on how to get it to draw an arbitrary route, which is a nice touch, but I’d like to be able to say “The thing I am talking about is HERE” […]

  • area 51, mysterious circles

    Internet discovers irrigation while looking for Area 51. (See the comments of the linked post.) Someone really needs to convince BoingBoing that those irrigation circles are something mysterious.

  • Fun with Google Maps

    So Google Maps now has a satellite mode. Now, Americans have had various access to satellite imagery for a while, through Terraserver and related sites, but good high-resolution coverage of Canada other than Toronto is pretty rare. But Google has high-res imagery for Ottawa and Montreal, and medium-res for most of Ontario, so here are […]

  • Why cities should not let developers name streets

    Here’s one for X-Files fans: My mother recently moved to a new condo in Orléans, a suburb of Ottawa. While looking at her new address on Google Maps, I found these streets. Very odd.