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I guess they like me

Just got mail from the admissions folks at the U of O school of management: they’re offering me a (partial, but substantial) scholarship. Yay! Maybe this was a good idea after all! (I kid, I kid.) Now I just have to get the rest of the financial stuff ironed out (RRSP withdrawals and a line […]

file file file file file

Taxes completed and netfiled. Awaiting refund, even what with Candice’s self-employediness. Yay! That will make me feel a little better about the pending laptop purchase. Did you know you can still file Canadian income tax returns over the phone? I can’t imagine. “Please enter the dollar value from line 132 and press pound. Please enter […]

In the (red)

Turns out that buying a t-shirt and an iPod might not be helping Africa much after all: Project (RED) has only pulled in $18M in donations for $100M of marketing outlay in its first year. (RED)’s CEO responds: It’s never been a charity! It’s not about the money, it’s about the exposure! The first seven […]

I think I’ve got this Costco thing figured out

I went back to Costco last night (alone, Candice was working), and left with a cartful of things, none of which I got home and went “What was I thinking?”, so I think it went well. Most of the stuff I bought was stuff we always buy right away when we’ve run out, which I […]

Costco for dummies

Candice and I went to Costco today and picked up a membership. We forced ourselves to only look around on our first trip, lest we accidentally come home with a new TV or something. It’s pretty much what I expected, with a bit more grocery and a bit less other stuff. One thing I have […]

Up, up, up, up, up.

Via the always-excellent Get Rich Slowly, a New York Times graph of U.S. housing prices since 1890, with inflation factored out: (click image to enlarge) Holy cow. Candice and I are on the brink of beginning a home-buying stage, but it’s hard to imagine that bubble being sustainable for much longer. Get Rich Slowly’s take […]