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Meta: Comment moderation

By the way, I’m still getting the hang of WordPress and anti-spam plugins and comment moderation, so apologies if your comment is accidentally put in the moderation queue and takes a while for your comment to show up. Part of that is because Akismet’s getting a few false positives lately, part of it is because […]

Another test post

Just testing WordPress crossposting, don’t mind me. (Still testing.)

Did this need to exist? I don’t think it did.

“Thanks” to Brad, this entry was posted with Excel.

All blog hits, all the time!

 megpickard has helpfully scanned and posted the cover of the latest compilation CD, Now That’s What I Call Blogging 62. Now if you’re like me, you haven’t taken NTWICB #61 out of your playlists for months, and your podcast listeners are starting to get a bit tired of it — no more! Now you’ve got […]


New icon for me, from this ad which Fweebles found online and pointed out.

Google Blog Search

Ages ago Google stopped providing excerpts for LiveJournal searches, but they’ve now made up for it with Google Blog Search, which lets you search the blogosphere or a particular blog with full excerpts (and some intelligence in terms of figuring out individual authors and blogs by name). It seems to work pretty well, although it […]

Big, popular Canadian blogs?

I need more cancon in my daily reading. The “A-list” of bloggers approximates the “A-list” of American bloggers, and I want to round out what I’m reading with a Canadian perspective. I find myself reading a lot of interesting blogs from Americans but I’m always sort of an extra step removed, so I want to […]

obligatory icon post

My new icon says YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. (From this ebay auction. Blame Scromp.)