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  • Costco for dummies

    Candice and I went to Costco today and picked up a membership. We forced ourselves to only look around on our first trip, lest we accidentally come home with a new TV or something. It’s pretty much what I expected, with a bit more grocery and a bit less other stuff. One thing I have […]

  • lazyweb: help me back up to a shell account

    So Dreamhost, odd place they are, have apologized to their users for a long stint of server and network problems (which seems to be resolved, knock on wood) by doubling our monthly bandwidth and 10x-ifying our plans’ disk quotas. That means I’ve got 413GB of storage there now. I don’t have 413GB worth of website […]

  • All hardware sucks.

    I have to build a computer, and I need another set of eyes before I buy things. Considering what I do, I’m really not much of a PC hardware geek, especially on consumer-level hardware. But our file-and-everything-else server at home did not fare well during a scheduled power outage lately, and won’t POST. And not […]

  • overriding usb charging current in linux?

    Asking here because I can’t think of where I should post, and because I’m tired of people on various IRC channels completely misunderstanding the question, and because I know a few people from RIM read this: The goal here is to charge my Blackberry by plugging it into a USB host running Linux. The problem […]

  • Decorating an altoids tin

    I’ve got an altoids tin that I’m using as a case for my iPod Shuffle. It works pretty well — I cut the original packaging up to make a little plastic bit that holds the shuffle itself against the lid, and then the little quick-reference card and the headphones fit in the bottom part. So […]

  • Random update

    I had something I was going to post about, but I can’t remember what it is. If I do I’ll let you know. I remember part of it: I picked up DDR Extreme 2 and a mat for the PS2 this weekend. Whee! I’ve never played DDR before (but I knew what to expect, at […]

  • Toaster ovens

    Candice and I have been trying to figure out how to best use some Sears gift certificates we got for Christmas, and one of the possibilities was to get a toaster oven. So we’ve read some reviews online, and looked at what Sears has available, and are still pretty much right where we started. Why […]

  • Beginner’s scotch

    Scotch drinkers: What’s a decent, inexpensive and readily available single malt or good blend for a brand-new scotch drinker whose current dram of choice is a good dark sipping rum? I don’t want something pretending to be bourbon, but I don’t want to overwhelm with iodine and peat either. Probably some sort of Speyside or […]