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Anyone recognize this?

Occasionally I get a little thingy in the top left corner of my Windows desktop. It’s a transparent circular thing that looks like this (magnified in inset): I recognize the icon but I can’t figure out what it is. It might have something to do with virtual desktops, or I might be misremembering. It goes […]

Unattended terminal

An IRC conversation reminded me of the traditional punishment for unattended terminals that was in effect when I was in school: echo ‘echo sleep 3 >> $HOME/.profile’ >> $HOME/.profile Although these days computers are fast enough that one might be better off with “sleep 1″.

WordPress CLI theme

This is the geekiest WordPress theme ever (and is awesome).

Use Firefox? Use Firebug.

I had assumed that everyone on earth knew about the Firebug extension for Firefox, but I keep seeing a common story on #wordpress: people fighting with CSS problems that they just can’t track down, but which Firebug lets me find in seconds. Firebug is what the Web Developer extension was heading towards: a complete, live-editing […]

Stupid keyboard tricks

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m shopping for a laptop. Having been convinced to go with a 12″ ultraportable, I had narrowed down my choices to a handful of machines in the price range and feature set I was after. One of these was the Dell Latitude 700M , a consumer-class 12.1″ widescreen laptop with built-in […]



Really cheap Booq laptop bags

I just noticed that Booq Bags has a big closeout sale going on with really low prices on some discontinued laptop sleeves and bags, especially in odd sizes (12″ and 17″): $20 PowerSleeves (regularly $90-$130), $5 (!) and $25 Vyper cases (regularly $60), $60 Mambo backpacks (regularly somewhere around $200, I think) and 99 cent […]

Recommend me a .ca registrar

My current .ca registrar, DomainGeeks, has fallen off the face of the earth at renewal time again. This has turned into an annual event, except this time I haven’t got a response back to my email asking them to push whatever button needs pushing, so I think it’s time to move. (They also haven’t reflected […]