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  • Anyone recognize this?

    Occasionally I get a little thingy in the top left corner of my Windows desktop. It’s a transparent circular thing that looks like this (magnified in inset): I recognize the icon but I can’t figure out what it is. It might have something to do with virtual desktops, or I might be misremembering. It goes […]

  • Unattended terminal

    An IRC conversation reminded me of the traditional punishment for unattended terminals that was in effect when I was in school: echo ‘echo sleep 3 >> $HOME/.profile’ >> $HOME/.profile Although these days computers are fast enough that one might be better off with “sleep 1”.

  • WordPress CLI theme

    This is the geekiest WordPress theme ever (and is awesome).

  • Use Firefox? Use Firebug.

    I had assumed that everyone on earth knew about the Firebug extension for Firefox, but I keep seeing a common story on #wordpress: people fighting with CSS problems that they just can’t track down, but which Firebug lets me find in seconds. Firebug is what the Web Developer extension was heading towards: a complete, live-editing […]

  • Stupid keyboard tricks

    As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m shopping for a laptop. Having been convinced to go with a 12″ ultraportable, I had narrowed down my choices to a handful of machines in the price range and feature set I was after. One of these was the Dell Latitude 700M , a consumer-class 12.1″ widescreen laptop with built-in […]

  • Compubeaver


  • Really cheap Booq laptop bags

    I just noticed that Booq Bags has a big closeout sale going on with really low prices on some discontinued laptop sleeves and bags, especially in odd sizes (12″ and 17″): $20 PowerSleeves (regularly $90-$130), $5 (!) and $25 Vyper cases (regularly $60), $60 Mambo backpacks (regularly somewhere around $200, I think) and 99 cent […]

  • Recommend me a .ca registrar

    My current .ca registrar, DomainGeeks, has fallen off the face of the earth at renewal time again. This has turned into an annual event, except this time I haven’t got a response back to my email asking them to push whatever button needs pushing, so I think it’s time to move. (They also haven’t reflected […]