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  • Updateything!

    Long time no post. It’s always long time no post, isn’t it? Sigh. Got the Christmas icon back, at least! Here’s a weird one for you: I installed Windows (XP Pro) on my laptop the other day. Yes, yes, hell’s frozen over, I know. I need to work in both Windows and Unix regularly, so […]

  • mommy, who’s Kibo?

    Something odd just occurred to me out of the blue. Now, Candice and I don’t want kids, but imagine a hypothetical couple online as much as we have been. IRC, LiveJournal, Usenet, flickr, and so on. That couple has kids. Ten years later or so, those kids will be able to search for what their […]

  • Flooterbuck lives!

    Ages ago I mentioned Flooterbuck, the fork of infobot that I hack on occasionally. After a long dry spell and unverified claims of the project’s demise, we’ve finally rolled a 1.2.2 release. It’s mostly bugfixes, and a bit of “let’s get a release out so it doesn’t look completely dead”, but if you’re running 1.2.1 […]

  • Well, that’s an odd place for geekery.

    Because I’m too lazy to change the channel, Miami Ink just came on the TV. The title of tonight’s episode: “Symbolic Ink”. What?

  • Testing via ljtalk

    Wow, LJ Talk is pretty well done. Sign in with a Jabber client, and there’s your mutual friends, all in their own group on your roster, with userpics and everything. And there’s a goat bot that you can post through, too — send it a message (like I’m doing right now) and it makes its […]

  • lazyweb: help me back up to a shell account

    So Dreamhost, odd place they are, have apologized to their users for a long stint of server and network problems (which seems to be resolved, knock on wood) by doubling our monthly bandwidth and 10x-ifying our plans’ disk quotas. That means I’ve got 413GB of storage there now. I don’t have 413GB worth of website […]

  • All hardware sucks.

    I have to build a computer, and I need another set of eyes before I buy things. Considering what I do, I’m really not much of a PC hardware geek, especially on consumer-level hardware. But our file-and-everything-else server at home did not fare well during a scheduled power outage lately, and won’t POST. And not […]

  • worst bounce message ever

    AOL bounce message: <joshuadukes11@aol.com>: host mailin-02.mx.aol.com[] said: 550 We would love to have gotten this email to joshuadukes11@aim.com. But, your recipient never logged onto their free AIM Mail account. Please contact them and let them know that they’re missing out on all the super features offered by AIM Mail. And by the way, they’re also […]