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  • Yay, I’ve got DSL now…

    Yay, I’ve got DSL now at the new apartment. I ended up going with Teksavvy, which was a bit of a roller coaster to order — they mistranscribed my credit card number, phone number, and mailed my DSL modem to “First Books”, and then the Bell tech showed up today at the wrong house number, […]

  • I can feel points growing.

    One school-related thing that I am finding it really hard to get used to: Top-posting in email. It is not like the geek world where top-posting is uniformly evil and >-quoting is normal. Top-posting is unremarkable, and in fact in Outlook it is difficult to not top-post when responding to HTML email. I am at […]

  • Foxit Reader

    I just finished recommending this software to Trevor who was complaining about Acrobat Reader being big and slow, and I realized I should mention it here too. Foxit Reader is a free, lightweight PDF reader for Windows and Linux. It comes in somewhere around the 4MB mark on disk once installed (compared to Acrobat Reader’s […]

  • Sell me your laptop RAM

    I need 512MB worth of PC133 RAM for a laptop. Any of you fine folk have a single 512MB SODIMM or a pair of 256MB SODIMMs you feel like getting rid of?

  • New laptop

    The laptop fairy came last night! I’m now the proud owner of a refurbished Dell Latitude D410. I picked it up off of eBay from K-V Laptops in Toronto and they got it to me the next day. It looks brand-new save for a little scratch on the back of the lid. 1.89GHz Pentium M, […]

  • lolfeeds

    LOLfeeds turns any RSS feed into cat macros. For example: yours truly, Ask Metafilter, or Craigslist personals.

  • oh, -32300, ok

    Error message I received from WordPress (probably from the LJXP plugin? I’m not sure) while posting that last post: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 Well, that’s certainly helpful. I wonder what the HTTP status code was, or what URL was being requested that returned said […]

  • New bag for me!

    While I love my Timbuk2 laptop briefcase, it does have one problem: putting the laptop in the middle of the bag, while making the bag stable standing, means there is very little room on either side for stuff. It’s fine for going to work (although lunch in a tupperware container barely fits) but it wasn’t […]