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  • terrorist yard sale

    So apparently there was a big domestic terrist bust in Toronto. CNN called them “Al Qaeda-inspired”, which I guess means they weren’t Al Qaeda but they were brown and we don’t know who they were doing it for. Anyhow, lots of fertilizer and plans for lots of boom and they caught them so that’s good. […]

  • Counting is hard!

    From an article in today’s Ottawa Sun, about the election of the Speaker of the House of Commons (the Liberals are the opposition party; the Conservatives have a minority government): The fact that the Speaker is a Liberal is significant because it could tip the balance of power in the minority Parliament. Since the Speaker […]

  • also the US curling effort seems to involve cute blonde sisters somehow

    From a Associated Press overview piece on Olympic curling from the NBC Olympics website: Although popular in Scotland, which claims to have invented curling, and in Canada, which claims to have invented ice, curling remains on the fringe in the United States. Editors? Editors?

  • snake oil bonspiel

    Right now the Canada Cup of Curling is on the CBC. Now, curling’s reasonably mainstream in Canada, enough to get Sunday afternoon TV coverage, but it’s still a second-tier sport, so it tends to collect some odd sponsors. The men’s championship Brier, after being sponsored by Labatt for years, is now sponsored by Tim Horton’s; […]

  • The Daily Show on Canada’s election

    So tomorrow is Election Day up here in the Great White North. I don’t have much to say about the election itself, other than that the probable outcome of a Conservative minority isn’t as bad as it sounds. The Conservatives don’t have any friends in the House of Commons, so a Tory minority government is […]

  • true motivation

    “Validating your copy of Windows not only keeps your business in good hands, it can put your hands around a great cup of coffee by using your $5 Tim Hortons Gift Certificate.” Canadians like their Timmy Ho’s, but that’s just bizarre.

  • Commercial flops

    Substitute drew my attention to this entry from Nihilistic_kid. (Go and read the story about the envelope guy.) I could tell from the story that Sierra Mist was some kind of pop, but I’d never heard of it, so I went over to Wikipedia to look it up. It turns out I’d never heard of […]

  • Mountain Dew Energy

    Until this year, Mountain Dew in Canada has contained no caffeine. Americans typically have a hard time understanding this, and reasonably so, and people wonder why we’d drink it at all (the answer, of course, is “we were 12, and it’s full of sugar”). There is some legal reason that Mountain Dew doesn’t contain caffeine […]