Yay, I’ve got DSL now…

Yay, I’ve got DSL now at the new apartment. I ended up going with Teksavvy, which was a bit of a roller coaster to order — they mistranscribed my credit card number, phone number, and mailed my DSL modem to “First Books”, and then the Bell tech showed up today at the wrong house number, off by one digit — but now that it’s running it seems fast and low-latency.

4Mbps down, 6.5kbps up

I forgot that I wouldn’t have a router right away, so I ended up getting a Speedtouch 516 DSL modem configured as a bridge, so I’m using Windows’ own PPPOE client until the move.

Next up is VOIP. I’m leaning towards Unlimitel because Babytel never replied to my email sent to their support address (pilot error: sent to .com instead of .ca), but there’s still a little shopping to do there. New blog theme/approach coming soon too, although that’s just fitting in the quiet moments of which there have been few lately.

Work is going awesome. I’m moving support over to RT any day now, have a huge set of projects and to-dos to drill through, and have really been given pretty much full ownership over my areas of responsibility already. (And everyone’s so great to work with!)

Off to Dan’s tonight for pizza, beer and conversation. (We tried this last week but I made it a block before I decided it was time to take a rain check and get the car in for a brake job right away. I lucked out in that a great garage happens to be exactly one block away from me, and Frank at Master Mechanic on Dupont and Concord took it in on no notice and did good work at a good price, which was nice considering I needed a garage on short notice in a strange city.)

Movers are scheduled: pack on the 25th, load on the 28th, unload a couple of days later. Final stretch!

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