Fine, I give in.

Ok, I’m giving in. I’m on goddamn Facebook now. Here’s my profile. If you know me, add me as a friend so I won’t be a wallflower anymore.

Am I going to regret this? Jesus, there are people from my highschool there. WHAT IF THEY FIND ME

4 responses to “Fine, I give in.”

  1. Oh fer

    Facebook lets you enter a mobile phone number, but it refuses to believe that phone numbers can possibly have plus signs.

    Or hyphens.

    Unless they’re in North American format of course.


  2. LOL Candice, you crazy chick.

    It amazes me how the internet has really opened up “history” (for lack of a better way to put it – give me a break, I haven’t had a coffee yet). I found my best friend from grade 5/6 on a site called the Names Database, and just recently a guy I was friends with from age 8 to 12 found me on Facebook. It’s fun to catch up with these people.

    …and of course, it’s fun to find people from high school and think to myself “wow, I’m so much better than you now” ;)

    Just kidding. Sorta.