I guess they like me

Just got mail from the admissions folks at the U of O school of management: they’re offering me a (partial, but substantial) scholarship.

Yay! Maybe this was a good idea after all! (I kid, I kid.)

Now I just have to get the rest of the financial stuff ironed out (RRSP withdrawals and a line of credit in case of emergencies). Last time I tried to talk to the folks at TD Canada Trust I must have come in right before lunch or something, because I couldn’t convince them to pay attention to me or their own materials, and I ended up giving up. As of a couple weeks ago, my stepmother manages a TD branch in Marmora, though, so I’ll probably just give her a call instead.

2 responses to “I guess they like me”

  1. Heh! She was working at the North Front St. branch in Belleville, but branch manager in Marmora > financial advisor in Belleville.