Thus ends my first curling season

The curling season’s over now, save for two nights in April where we have the ice but no organized games. I couldn’t ask for better results: my rink won the rookies’ league (by a two-win margin, and the second-place rink was that of my lead Tobi’s husband Tim, hah), and I came first in the “Hot Shots”-style skills contest at last night’s end-of-season potluck, which netted me a free half hour of coaching next year with the club pro (and I beat Tim by one point, double hah)!

(For the two, maybe three curlers that read this, the skills contest comprised five “ends”: draw to the button, guard and tap, double takeout, draw through a port, and then a takeout free-for-all with 14 stones in the house and two to throw. There was also a written test on the rules, but I think I had an advantage there having skipped all year.)

The remaining two nights are a grudge match against Tim’s rink, and then a draw match with the same eight curlers, where no-one’s allowed to play the same position they played during league play. Mostly that was an arrangement for convenience’s sake — attendance now that league play’s done could be iffy, and we knew we’d all be showing up and that we’re playing at each other’s levels, so we might as well get in two more games.

I’m all signed up for next year’s weekend mixed league, although we’re still short one player, but that will work out one way or another. All in all, I had a great time of it this year. I’m not usually a “sports” person, let alone a “team sports” person, and especially not a “win at team sports” person, so I’m kind of surprised at how well it went!

(And thanks go to Dan and Jay at work for inspiring me to finally remember to sign up this year!)

And in case you’re sick of reading about me, check out this shot from the 2006 Olympics:

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