Meta: Comment moderation

By the way, I’m still getting the hang of WordPress and anti-spam plugins and comment moderation, so apologies if your comment is accidentally put in the moderation queue and takes a while for your comment to show up. Part of that is because Akismet’s getting a few false positives lately, part of it is because I had the URL threshold for the moderation queue set too low, and part of it is because I forget I have to go in and clean that out occasionally.

(Incidentally, Akismet’s catching about 30 spam comments a day, and Bad Behavior another 20 or so so far.)

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  1. I’ve been using SpamKarma2, and it does a pretty good job. Every now and then some scumbag figures out how to get through it and I get two or three spams on the blog until I clean them out. And the process of cleaning them out usually gives SpamKarma2 enough information that it can blacklist the rest of the spams from that particular scumbag. I also see almost no false positives. SpamKarma2 can integrate Akimet, and I’ve been thinking of doing that to see if it improves my false negative rate any.

  2. Yeah, I have SpamKarma2 installed, just not running. I had only Akismet, and grabbed Bad Behavior and SpamKarma2 at the same time, and figured I’d be better off turning on one for a while, and then the other, to see if I really need all of them.

    Things are a bit slow here to begin with, what with all the visible plugins I use, so I don’t want to slow things down too much more with invisible ones!

  3. Wow, I guess my site is just incredibly boring – 2 false positives when I first started WP and 1 actual spam…

  4. pisceandreamer, I think I’ve just got more Google juice — somehow I’ve got a pagerank of 5. Mostly I think I accomplished that by putting my URL in my email signature and using a lot of mailing lists for a while, which made for inlinks to my site from a lot of high-profile mail archives.

    For some reason the photo galleries on my old site (which I need to move to Flickr soon) got a lot of hits. It probably doesn’t help that I had an abandoned and spammable WP 1.5 install here for a long time. (It’s still abandoned, but it’s not spammable. I should just import the posts to here, put them in their own category, and redirect.)

    Compare inlinks to, inlinks to

    If only I could turn it into something more useful than “lots of spam”!

  5. Cindy, they will find you eventually. I went months with almost no spam, and suddenly I’m getting dozens a day. According the the SpamKarma2 banner on the bottom of my blog, over 17,500 spams so far.

    BTW: Rich, I’ve noticed that the Submit button doesn’t work for me. I have to tab over to it and hit return, because clicking on it doesn’t work. I’m using Firefox 1.5 on Linux.

  6. out of curiousity, which WP plugins do you use? if you haven’t written about it already, that might make an interesting companion piece to your firefox plugins post.

  7. Paul: Hrm, that’s weird. I’ll look into it.

    bunnyhero: I have a draft started from a while ago but I was waiting until I knew what I was going to keep using! I’ll finish it up soon. Also: I cache gravatars, including negative caching, so that’s why your gravatar didn’t appear at first. It’s showing up fine now, though.