Another test post

Just testing WordPress crossposting, don’t mind me.

(Still testing.)

11 responses to “Another test post”

  1. Seems to be working!

    What plugin are you using to make the comments come back here?

  2. Hey Rich, did you have to do anything special w/the comment count plugin to get it to show on LJ? The image shows in my RSS feed but doesn’t seem to get picked up with the crossposting to LJ.

  3. pisceandreamer: Kind of, but I don’t know if it’s the same thing you have to do.

    By default, for me, the (4 comments) appeared in LJXP-posted posts and in my RSS feeds. But I’m using feedburner for my RSS feeds, and it does an even better job of creating those, so I commented out the last two lines of tantan’s plugin (where it says “comment these out if you don’t want it added automatically”) and then manually added the image link to the footer settings in LJXP.

  4. Gotcha. I’m using LivePress for the crossposting at the moment, I know it has some custom field stuff, maybe I can tweak it that way. Thanks!!

  5. Finally got working version of ljxp and now I am going to be a pest and pick your brain again. :) Did you add the image link through the options page, or actually in the php code?

  6. Dunno how well this will reproduce here, but I put it in the options page:

    <small><div align="left"><i>Originally posted at <a href="[permalink]">rich text</a>.</i></div>
    <div align="right"><a href="[comments_link]"><img border=0 src="[post_id]"></a>