bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

mendel: Ugh, this spinach salad is not good
mendel: spinach, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms. should be good, right? BUT
mendel: it is really a BACON SALAD with SPINACH
mendel: not only does it have lots of bacon in it, the included dressing is SWEET AND SOUR BACON
mendel: >_<
mendel: what the fuck is “bacon dressing” and why do they think people ordering spinach salads really want a lot of pork fat
stimps: bacon bacon baaacon
Halfjack: Mmm, pork fat.
mendel: the bacon on the salad was just an “oh well, not what I wanted, but that’s still fine”
mendel: but the bacon dressing was over the top
mendel: Also I am discovering it is a spinach/lettuce salad and the bottom 2/3 of green is lettuce
mendel: this is seriously el crappo
mendel: Luckily I have an emergency samosa on hand
Halfjack: Careful you don’t get broken glass in it.
mendel: To make it a bit worse: I ate about half the salad, and used about 1/4 of the dressing
mendel: so it is expected to have a bacon-bacon-spinach-lettuce salad with double the usual amount of dressing


4 responses to “bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon”

  1. I had an experience a little like this in Baltimore, when my spinach salad came with about a a cupful of JAM dumped on top. They tell me it was “sweet onion dressing” but nuh uh, JAM. Salads are *not* meant to throw my blood sugar for a loop, yknow?