New icon for me, from this ad which Fweebles found online and pointed out.

4 responses to “OIP”

  1. Heh, it’s amusing that you guys find that ad novel :P.

    It (and whatever other 3 geico ads are current) is in heavy, irritating, go-the-hell-away rotation here.

    Does Canada socialize auto insurance too, or is that just a BC thing?

  2. They’re in heavy rotation here too, I just like the ad, and I like Speed Racer even without the ad.

    In Ontario, auto insurance is government-controlled, but provided privately. So rates are controlled but not fixed, and insurance is required to drive, but you’re also guaranteed to be insured; Facility Insurance handles the cases that no-one else wants to (at a price).

    In Quebec it’s weird, and I’m not sure of all the details, but you get your plates from the provincial car insurance agency, and plates cost a ridiculous amount because it also covers your basic insurance, and then you get anything beyond that from private companies. I think.