Packing your service now

I just went to install the Windows 2003 Server Administration Tools Pack on my Windows 2000 desktop, and got the following error:

Windows Server 2003 Service pack 1 Administration Tools Pack can be installed only on computers running either Windows XP Professional 9with either Q329357 or Service pack 1 or later applied) or Windows Server 2003 (with the same Service Pack as that of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Administration Tools Pack).

Can anyone figure out what the last parenthetical bit (in bold) means? Many have tried and failed.

4 responses to “Packing your service now”

  1. Oh, it’s even better — the whole thing means I’m going to have to install XP! But still that last bit escapes me.

  2. At a guess:

    The error message is one of those “insert parameters here” ones, of the form:

    (with the same Service Pack as that of $sofware).

    It just so happens that $software happens to contain the phrase “Service Pack 1”, which makes everything all the more confusing.

    I’d venture a guess that it would apply equally well if the parenthetical read “with the same Service Pack as that of Windows Server 2003 Admin Tools Pack).

    That is, you have to match the release number/SP of the admin tools to the release number/SP of the version of windows you’re running (in this case, SP 1).

    That’s all I’ve gotten out of it so far.

  3. Could “Service Pack” whatever be seperate from the Admin Tools Pack? Seems to be saying the OS needs to be at a certain level (installed service pack) before you can install the Admin Tools pack which is a seperate thing.