Confused about MotoGP 3

Anyone know the deal with Namco’s MotoGP 3 for the PS2 (not to be confused with THQ’s MotoGP 3 for Xbox and PC)? It’s available new on Amazon Japan for ¥7,140 (~$US 65), but only from third-party sellers on Amazon US starting around $US 50, and is on Amazon UK for £9.99 (~$US 17) from third-party sellers but with a different cover. I haven’t found it anywhere locally. On eBay it’s listed as “rare” and seems to go around $US 40.

WTF? Are those two the same game? Why is it so rare in the US, expensive-but-not-rare in Japan, and cheap in the UK?

One response to “Confused about MotoGP 3”

  1. I don’t know, but the UK ones are likely PAL versions, so a Canadian PS2 won’t play them. Same goes for the Japanese version, unless you have a modded PS2. So if you get one, it’ll have to be from North America.

    Have you checked out Electronic Boutique’s website? Microplay’s?