Turning off quickreply

I remember talking to a few people who read my friends list who can’t stand the Javascript-based “quick comment” feature, and wish that LJ defaulted to the “go to a separate page to leave a comment” behavior that preceded it. I finally remembered how to switch back to the old behavior: go to the administrative console and enter the command “set disable_quickreply 1”. If you change your mind later, go to the same place and enter “set disable_quickreply 0”.

9 responses to “Turning off quickreply”

  1. Haha. Look sweetie, even after not doing support for a year-and-a-half, the Support Supervisor is still approving your answers!


  2. I never had an issue with it? I kind of like it, honestly. Although it is nice that I can open the link in a new tab and be presented with replying on a seperate page.

  3. I’m not really even certain of what I just disabled – but it was the recommended fix for the weird glitch causing problems in reading comments with older versions of IE.

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