More with Google Maps

Some more neat Google Maps satellite photos, mostly aviation-related but not all:

6 responses to “More with Google Maps”

  1. Wow, I never knew about that insanely large compass. I wonder what it’s actually made with on the ground. It’s amazingly accurate and straight for the length as I imagine it was made before GPS and such.

    I thought SR-71’s were completely and totally out of commision.

    I never realized that the Las Vegas Strip was so close to the airport.

    And what use it to pixelate above the capital? I’m guessing it’s for homeland security stuff but I don’t see how it helps anything.

  2. Well, it is a US military base. They’ve had GPS at some level of precision since 1978. But even then I’d expect a good surveyor to be able to do that without electronics; it’s no different than laying roads and interchanges.

    Pixelating the Capitol (and obscuring the top of the White House) is probably mostly paranoia, but it does make it hard to find out what roof exits, ventilation systems and ordnance are present. I suspect it’d be pretty easy for terrists to get their own data if they wanted it, though.

  3. – Surveying straight lines, even aligned relative to true north, is an ancient technology. Even the pyramid builders could do it. You don’t need satellites, just two straight sticks to sight over.

    – Yes, there are no SR-71s flying any more since NASA retired theirs a few years ago.