What an odd day

Today was full of weird stuff.

  • I had spent a good part of yesterday evening tracking down an odd bug in Gaim in which it would try to participate in Jabber multiuser conferences using the nickname of the first other user it sees in the conference. It took me most of the night to figure out what was happening and what was supposed to happen, so I left it at that and figured I’d see about fixing it today. This afternoon, I found where it was picking up the wrong nickname, but couldn’t tell if it was safe to just cut out the offending code, so I went to check CVS to see when the code was introduced — and found that the maintainer had fixed the bits I was trying to fix a couple of hours before. Woops!

  • A coworker of mine brought leopard geckos to work today to drop them off at the breeder he bought them from on his lunch — he’d bought them to breed with his, and they didn’t get along. I nearly came home with a pair of leopard geckos.

  • I stopped in Future Shop tonight to pick up an S-Video cable for the satellite receiver and a component video cable for the PS2, since it’s taking over as DVD player now, but found they only carried Monster Cable. I won’t buy Monster Cable because they’re slimy and because they’re ridiculously expensive without being better in any useful electron-or-photon-moving way, but I’d forgotten how expensive: I’d have to drop $100 on the component cable and $75 on the S-Video cable, 6′ each. I crossed the street to Best Buy and bought both cables for $35 total. That’s the third or fourth time in a row that Best Buy has blown Future Shop out of the water. I should really just go to Best Buy first, except their parking lot is always busier.

  • Going to quickly grab cables on the day the PSP is released is a dumb thing to do.

  • The S-Video cable claims that it produces better signal quality than composite because it sends video signal information over “two discreet channels”.

  • Just a moment ago on the TV guide, I saw that Pimp My Car was playing on MusiquePlus, the French MuchMusic, with the title translated as Pimp Mon Char. ‘Stie!

In other news, I’ve got gaim running again, so I might actually show up on AIM and MSN and Jabber and stuff now. Also, I have a four-day weekend.


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