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  • I’m usually not much for gadget lust, but…

    I’m usually not much for gadget lust, but for some reason I find myself really interested in the Asus Eee PC, a $400 900Mhz laptop with a 7″ screen and a small flash disk that runs Linux. I don’t know why I’m so tempted, I’ve already got a little laptop, my 12″ Dell D400 — […]

  • what every message board needs

    What every message board needs. [thanks, David!]

  • Ikea box charging station

    I now have a charging station for portable things! This Ikea storage box has a recessed lid with a hole in it, making it a great charging station. I got the idea from this Instructables post, but didn’t bother with the switch, and used an extension cord instead of a power bar because space is […]

  • ring ring ring ring ring

    Yay, my phone works now, in both directions! And I’ve got my Bluetooth headset and voice dialing working, which is neat — unlike my previous phone, voice control on the RAZR doesn’t require any training, it just understands. My BlackBerry supports bluetooth headsets but doesn’t do voice dialing, which is just a bit impractical. I’m […]

  • New cellphone for me

    Even though I’ve only been carrying around my Blackberry for the last little while, I had kept my Fido account open to keep the phone number. Switching it from a “$20-per-month” plan to prepaid to keep the costs down had been on my to-do list for a while, but I never quite got around to […]

  • wireless 802.11g camera

    For Do_not_lick: Actiontec has a new 802.11G wireless camera that’s going for around $200.

  • What an odd day

    Today was full of weird stuff. I had spent a good part of yesterday evening tracking down an odd bug in Gaim in which it would try to participate in Jabber multiuser conferences using the nickname of the first other user it sees in the conference. It took me most of the night to figure […]