Flooterbuck infobot v1.2 released

Exciting news for infobot-lovers everywhere:

We’ve just released flooterbuck v1.2, which is the first
release in Quite Some Time. No more of this “Don’t get the release, get
a CVS checkout”, no sirree — 1.2 is the first release of a Release Early, Release Often strategy that will hopefully last longer than one release.

A list of changes in 1.2 is available. Note that there is a
good chance you missed 1.1 if you only watched the webpage and not the files
area on Sourceforge, since both Dagbrown and I missed it, and we’re
two of the three people actively working on the project — so be sure to note the 1.1
part of the changelog too.

For those just tuning in, flooterbuck is an infobot, very closely based on Kevin
Lenzo’s original, which is explicitly not a huge rewrite project
— just a matter of fixing bugs and trimming bits here and there and
refactoring when a block of code becomes sufficiently offensive that
there is no other way. The goal is a fun bot to play with while avoiding
second-system effect and vaporware.

Halfjack, Fimmtiu — don’t suppose you’d
be interested in basing pea on floot? If, y’know, you’re bored. The more
testbots I use regularly, the merrier, and since part of the idea of floot
here is “make adding functionality straightforward”, it’ll be easy
to keep pea-specific bits pea-specific.

7 responses to “Flooterbuck infobot v1.2 released”

  1. pea’s functionality is substantially supported by evil internal hacks and the occasional reliance on hysterical features, so I’m not sure she’s a good candidate for porting to a new piece of software.

  2. I probably underestimated the level of evil involved. :-) Floot does get rid of the whole “Extras” garbage, though.

  3. Yeah we have modifications all through the core code. Extras.pl is the lest of its issues. :) We have embraced the core design’s extremely tight coupling and created a monster.

    A monster that works, mind you!

  4. Flooterbuck is a very strange name. Anyway, while pea is maintained by hj and fimm, she’s my bot, and I don’t really want to do anything to fuck her up. She’s got so many hacks and weird shit in her already, I don’t know how well one would be able to migrate those without a shitload of work on the guys’ part.

  5. Yeah, funny, the guys running purl said that too. Blah, blah, vast local changes, yadda yadda, THEINK ABOUT THE CULTURE, blah, blah.

    purl’s a Flooterbuck now.