pixy’s color scheme chooser

For the longest time I used the Visibone Webmaster’s
Color Lab
for the rare times when I had to come up with a color
scheme for something webby. (I still do, really; it’s pretty neat.)

Reading Kottke‘s remaindered links list the other day,
though, I came across Pixy’s color scheme
, which instead of only comparing colors together lets you
choose a starting point (HSV) and then suggests colors to use
in a monochromatic, contrasting or analogic scheme, and then lets you
view how those colors will look if limited to web-safe colors (is
there even such a thing anymore?), and with a bunch of different kinds of
colorblindness. Way cool.

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    I had this bookmarked and then firebird ate my 300k worth of bookmarks a couple weeks ago and I was going nuts trying to find it again. It’s a godsend.