Ok, so a while ago Pepsi thought “Hey, we should put lemon in our cola.”
And thus was born Pepsi Twist, which is quite good.

And then someone at Coke thought “hey, we should put vanilla in our
cola.” And thus was born Vanilla Coke, which is quite good.

And then someone at Pepsi thought “Blue is pretty!”. And thus was
born Pepsi Blue, which is bearable.

And then some idiot at Coke thought “Hey, we should put mint in our
lemon-lime soda!” And thus was born Sprite Ice, which I just
accidentally bought and which is the most foul carbonated beverage I’ve had
since Spruce Beer. What the heck were they thinking? Mint? Eccch. Stay
far away, folks! Stay away!

9 responses to “ARGH BLEH PTOOIE”

  1. Pepsi Blue was not bearable. Proof is in the fact that they were trying to give it away at a local grocery store when you paid for your groceries. “Please… please… take some Pepsi Blue.”

  2. O_o I have not heard of this “Sprite Ice” of which you speak. Perhaps they’re just testing it on the Canadians or something. However, Polar Birch Beer (a mildly minty-sweet, but not citrus, soda) is tasty to me, so maybe I’m weird.

  3. Don’t be fooled! It’s vile stuff.

    I still haven’t got the sugar fix I was expecting when I went to the store to get a bottle of pop, so it’s sitting in front of me, and I keep opening it JUST IN CASE it’s better now, smelling it, going X|, closing it.

  4. I note that:

    a) pepsi is based on lemon in the first place
    b) years ago, there was pepsi light, which was explicitly lemon flavored diet soda.

    Mr. Information.

  5. It’s based on orange, not lemon.

    Basicly, Pepsi was created to be, as the name implies, a peptic. That is to say, it’s designed to turn your stomach. And it does! To this day, old ladies will give little children pepsi when they’ve got a stomach ache.

    Too bad about the taste.

  6. I misspoke. Pepsi, apparently admits to orange, lemon and lime oils for flavoring. The general feeling, however, is that Coke tends to lean more towards the orange and Pepsi more towards the lemon.

    Granted, I’m using a slightly old source here (“Big Secrets” by William Poundstone), so this may have changed in recent years.

    Oddly, I prefer lemon to orange, but prefer coke to pepsi. weird.

  7. It’s all a load of crap, although sometimes Dr Pepper breaks down my resistance. Especially when I put some Captain Morgan in it, but that’s a completely different story.

    For the wlonk, and anyone else interested: mint things can easily be very nasty when done incorrectly, and this is a shame because mint is cool. My first and only exhibit: mint skittles.