Beautiful bodypainting

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Thumbnail excerpt of Rudi Everts's female
AriesRudi Everts is a bodypainter
and photographer in Australia who has done an absolutely stunning
series of photographs
of bodies painted with the signs of the Zodiac
These twenty-four photos — twelve signs on men and twelve on women —
is easily the best bodypainting I have ever seen, and the quality of
the photography matches the quality of the painting.

I find the signs painted on women to have produced better results than
those on the men — the men don’t get to be much more than canvases, but
Everts’ use of the contours of her
female models often makes it even less obvious that you’re
looking at a person.

One response to “Beautiful bodypainting”

  1. Not enough DONG. Also, the female Leo is a bad mistake — I always think that using breasts for eyes makes things look awfully walleyed. =D Retard lion.