Tragic news, comic footnote:

It seems the Duke University Medical Center has inadvertently (!)
performed a transplant which gave the recipient a heart and lung
which don’t match her blood type. This is, of course, a Bad
Thing, but plenty of people report bad. I report surreal!

in the Raleigh News and Observer covers the story,
but ends:

Mahoney said he is doing all he can to find another heart-lung
set. He urged potential donors to contact him at (919) 495-2112 or
www.4jhc.org, or Carolina Donor Services at (800) 200-2672.

Now, perhaps I misunderstand what it means to “donate a heart and
a lung”, but I imagine it’s not something you call about first.

2 responses to “But…”

  1. My coworkers and I had a good chuckle about his request for potential donors to contact him. That’s one of those things a person should submit to Jay Leno or David Letterman for that segment on their shows about poorly worded headlines or headlines with double meanings.