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I did not want to think about this

Guys, no.

dear japan, etc.

From Pizza Hut’s Japan menu. (Which also includes this tasty treat.)

writes its own jokes

Writes its own jokes: Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant (via MH Today)

Bacon Krispy Kreme burger

Bacon Krispy Kreme burger Originally uploaded by satanslaundromat (Found via Valleywag.)

mommy, why doesn’t that man blink

From rjbs: (Also note the story immediately following the highlighted one.)

Doctor’s notes

One of ignatz‘s Laws of the Internet is as follows: Every text field will be treated as a means of communicating with the little men who run the Internet. A post today on the excellent Museum of Hoaxes website brought to my attention an earlier post on that same site. That post was entitled “Doctor’s […]


Real jackalopes! [via Neatorama]

oh no I’ve got SCALLOP EYES

Things I did not know: Scallops have eyes.