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Cat ladders

Katt-Trappa is a blog about cat ladders.

It’s one of those news days today…

It’s one of those news days today, as I found while catching up on Toronto news while in Ottawa: Health Officials Track Down All Puppies Sold At Flea Market After Rabies Scare “Police told the paper a man who posed as Dr. Jimmy Connolly was actually 50-year-old Gzim Bytyqi.” “A worker was cutting through propane […]

Christmas Cards From Heaven

I would totally do this: Elaborate Practical Joker Sends Christmas Cards From ‘Heaven’ Two Months After His Death.

Hello, woodpecker.

Pileated woodpecker on a phone pole Originally uploaded by mendel I meant to post this ages ago, but forgot, and only remembered when I was pulling the FreshBooks Festivus pictures off of my phone. I was walking along a street near Bridgehead in Hintonburg in early December and heard a CLONK CLONK CLONK CLONK right […]

Dogs and cats, sleeping together!

So there’s some snow coming. Toronto’s looking at 15-25 cm (about a foot) of snow and ice pellets, Ottawa’s got 45-60 cm (about two feet) of snow coming, and I was planning on driving from Ottawa to Toronto tomorrow night. Awesome. But what the snow does mean is that Environment Canada’s forecasters get to write […]


BE SAFE AND CONSIDERATE Originally uploaded by mendel Just testing flickr’s blog posting. please excuse.

How much fun could this be?

Fine, I guess I won’t bring my beer helmet:

\m/ \m/

On the bus this morning just as I was about to get off downtown for coffee, I was standing behind a seated woman, fiftysomething, in a business suit. Her phone rang. Well, “rang”, because it played the intro guitar riff to Thunderstruck. As I and a crowd exited the bus I gave her the devil’s […]