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  • Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe

    Eiffel Tower from the Arc de Triomphe Originally uploaded by mendel. I’ve finally uploaded, titled and tagged all 150-odd images from our honeymoon in Paris! I’ll be writing up a description of the trip here soon, but you can see all of the pictures in this Flickr set.

  • Wedding photos!

    Candice and Rich Originally uploaded by mendel. We received our DVD of photos from our wedding photographer earlier this week, and last night I finally finished uploading about 1/3 of them (just over 400 in total) to Flickr. Clicking on the image above will take you to the first of four sets, but you probably […]

  • HOLY SHIT I’M MARRIED: the long version!

    So yeah, that wedding thing. I got married! It’s crazy. I have a ring and a cute wife now. Crazy! First, the executive summary: Everything went wonderfully. It was sunny and bright with a few clouds — a bit warm, but nearly everything was inside, so that was fine. But everything just worked. All of […]

  • Whee I’m married!

    Candice and I are back from Paris and are still half-exhausted, so I’m not going to write a long post about the wedding and our trip right away. I’ll write those up in the next day or few. The short version: The wedding went without a hitch and everyone had a blast, and our honeymoon […]


    HOLY SHIT I’M MARRYING CANDICE TOMORROW. This is a good thing, in case that wasn’t clear. And it’s all a big to-do list from now until then, so you probably won’t hear much from me until we’re back from Paris! HOLY SHIT

  • How not to establish your business

    Got mail today from an address I didn’t recognize with the subject “Wedding Photos”. We’re planning a wedding so I figured it might be something relevant, especially since it was a big (4MB) message. Nope. Some local startup wedding photographers decided the best way to get business would be to scrape the addresses of local […]

  • Engagement photos!

    Last week Candice and I went down to Hog’s Back Falls on the Rideau River, where we met our wedding photographer, Andrew Van Beek, for engagement photos. It was a blast. Andrew commented a few times as we were climbing over rocks and around fences and past “No Entry” signs how much fun we were […]

  • Apparently the Web is public! Who knew?

    Candice reads a Web forum about wedding-related stuff over at WeddingBells.ca. WeddingBells is a major Canadian bridal magazine, so the forums there are both popular and high-profile. As on any Web forum, discussion often branches far away from on-topic, and one discussion there started talking about Karla Homolka’s upcoming release. Today, a story went out […]