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Awesome Pontiac ad

This ad is awesome. (Shame it’s for the G8.) (Via everyone and their dog, it seems. I think I saw it first on BoingBoing Gadgets.)

The cat came back


Even my office is not this fun.

(Found via the always-entertaining Tiny Gigantic.)

Old Seamus Tansey video

While I’m up late watching YouTube, this recording of Seamus Tansey playing the Irish flute — presumably from the trad comeback in the 70s — is good flute playing, but watching the audience is completely hypnotizing. Also here’s some Irish pipes to round things off, probably from the same era. Seamus Ennis. Someday remind me […]

Chapman Stick etiquette

Tony Levin knows how to play the Chapman Stick: This is a good thing to do with a Stick. This is also a good thing to do with a Stick: However, for whatever reason, this is sort of the typical Stick player. Do not do. Thank you.


This is basically your typical morning around these parts.



Especially for Eyeteeth and Substitute: Cat_macros. For the rest of you: If you’re only going to watch one, watch the second one. But watch both!