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Science tattoos

Science tattoos on Flickr. [via The Loom]

old but still funny

Results 1 – 100 of about 1,580 for “large hardon collider”.

oh no I’ve got SCALLOP EYES

Things I did not know: Scallops have eyes.

Ben Goldacre on bad science reporting

An excellent editorial on bad science reporting by the Grauniad’s Ben Goldacre. [via a wisely deleted mefi post.]

Breaking science news from CFRA

Breaking science news from local Ottawa radio station/news website CFRA.

This clears things up

saw this in a toy store just the other day

The little chair is not for sitting on.

Here’s an interesting article from Scientific American which discusses how young children start to develop an understanding of symbolism, starting with a memory experiment that turned out not to examine memory at all. See also Metafilter discussion here.