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  • Mm.

    I firmly approve of the addition of Bailey’s to coffee. In fact, I wonder if it would be considered inappropriate for those winter mornings with 8:30 classes.

  • Foxit Reader

    I just finished recommending this software to Trevor who was complaining about Acrobat Reader being big and slow, and I realized I should mention it here too. Foxit Reader is a free, lightweight PDF reader for Windows and Linux. It comes in somewhere around the 4MB mark on disk once installed (compared to Acrobat Reader’s […]

  • Crepuscular time

    A thought that caught my eye in this Metafilter thread: A person’s success in life is determined by what he does between 5 and 10 pm. A bit overly generalized, yes (but not so much in the context of that thread), but I like the sentiment behind it. Especially lately I’m bad for leaving work, […]

  • Having trouble with GTD? Try WSD.

    Having trouble with GTD? The intriguing Smallist suggests starting with WSD.