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  • Last night in Ottawa

    12 hours from now the movers arrive. 24 hours from now Candice and I live in Toronto. Packing’s done except for stuff that gets packed as we go to bed. The apartment’s cleaned except for vacuuming and mopping the floors, which we can’t do until the movers move all of our stuff. The movers show […]

  • This is legal in Canada.

    This is legal in Canada, Originally uploaded by nyxie From a spice rack kit I bought years ago. Click for detail!

  • I just noticed that Candice set this as her…

    I just noticed that Candice set this as her FaceBook profile picture: I guess we’d better get this move over with quick before my wife becomes a pile of boxes like some modern wife of Lot.

  • Yay, I’ve got DSL now…

    Yay, I’ve got DSL now at the new apartment. I ended up going with Teksavvy, which was a bit of a roller coaster to order — they mistranscribed my credit card number, phone number, and mailed my DSL modem to “First Books”, and then the Bell tech showed up today at the wrong house number, […]