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I leveled up!

Exactly 61 days ago I got my M1 license, so today I swung by the Ministry of Transportation with the results of my June motorcycle course to convert my M1 into an M2. I’m now a fully-licensed motorcyclist (although I’ve still got two years of zero alcohol tolerance, but that’s fine by me). That removes […]

Wikipedia goodness, ermines, and les motos

A few random things: The Wikipedia articles on The Price is Right and TPIR’s pricing games are a great read if you’re a fan of the game. Speaking of Wikipedia, I learned via their article on heraldry that the blazon for the coat of arms of Brittany is “Ermine”. That’s it, just “Ermine”. Any heraldic […]

Commuting on two wheels

Finally took the bike to work today. The commute was pretty much uneventful, which is good; traffic was heavy but no-one was in a huge hurry and I ended up going faster than a lot of the cars on the Parkway, which surprised me. (It’s signed 60, but everyone goes 70-80 in off hours, and […]

good hurt

Ow. I hurt. I strained my neck a few weeks ago, and it’s been borderline since, so I’ve been going to see a massage therapist at the clinic Candice works at. It’s helpful, and it’s good hurt, but ow ow ow. Lots of deep work on my pecs to try to get my shoulders to […]

First motorcycle weekend redux

I left out the best part about Sunday’s ride! While I was tooling around the neighbourhood here practicing starting off facing uphill, I passed a family walking down the road, and the kids waved. I know I’m a newbie on a beginner bike, adults watching me try to start on that hill knew I was […]

Hitting the streets

I now own an insured, plated, roadworthy motorcycle! The previous owner dropped off the bike on Friday night, and since I managed to work out insurance Friday afternoon I was able to swing by Drivers and Licenses on Saturday to get the ownership changed over and pick up plates. One of the things D&L provides […]

Motorcycle for meeee

I bought a bike today! It’s a 1981 Suzuki GS250T. Yep, 250 — I wanted to start off with something small, and this keeps insurance sensible (having had a learner’s permit for only a month doesn’t get me any big breaks). It’s in decent shape — it’s been down a few times in its life, […]

Motorcycle course, part 3: Testing time

(The first part of this entry is here, and the second part is here.) Sunday was a bit cooler and had a breeze, which was a very nice change. It was hot Saturday. I did manage to discover that my jacket was waterproof, but I learned it trying to get moisture from the inside out. […]