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  • yes, another

    Because this was clearly miscaptioned: Seriously, though, it’s like icanhascheezburger doesn’t even know about the cat macro 4chan connection. (Specifically, this “tutorial” makes me think they’re just making things up as they go.)

  • I has a cat macro

  • Trying Twitter

    Against my better judgment, I’ve got a twitter account now.


    Especially for Eyeteeth and Substitute: Cat_macros. For the rest of you: If you’re only going to watch one, watch the second one. But watch both!

  • LinkedIn connection whoring

    I’ve been playing around on LinkedIn today. If you haven’t seen it, it’s like Friendster for adults — maintaining connections and contact details for professional networking. Anyhow, if you’re there and know me, feel free to connect to me, rich [at] lafferty [dot] ca. If you’re not there and want to be, it’s free for […]

  • i didn’t know Beenz still existed, but they’d like to sell me some

    Candice did this and it terrified me enough to try it myself, and it still terrifies me. It’s actually not a bad likeness if I’d been on a heroin diet for a while.

  • What metros have <i>you</i> ridden?

    Neat meme, poorly implemented since you have to search over and over instead of just reading a list of cities. Here’s the metros I’ve been on: Got at b3co.com! Although if Paris’s Metro and RER get separate logos — and the Vancouver Skytrain is listed at all — then I should also show   

  • Wikipedia contrail

    This is my “Wikipedia contrail” — the list of pages in Wikipedia I’ve been to in the last week or two, according to my browser history. There isn’t a whole lot of random browsing around (which is what would make it a contrail, I guess), but the breadth amused me. Mythology and fiction in Nethack, […]