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Thus ends my first curling season

The curling season’s over now, save for two nights in April where we have the ice but no organized games. I couldn’t ask for better results: my rink won the rookies’ league (by a two-win margin, and the second-place rink was that of my lead Tobi’s husband Tim, hah), and I came first in the […]

ring ring ring ring ring

Yay, my phone works now, in both directions! And I’ve got my Bluetooth headset and voice dialing working, which is neat — unlike my previous phone, voice control on the RAZR doesn’t require any training, it just understands. My BlackBerry supports bluetooth headsets but doesn’t do voice dialing, which is just a bit impractical. I’m […]

Curling with newbies!

Ottawa Curling Club logoCandice and I went to a curling party put on by Ottawa’s chapter of the McGill Young Alumni at the Ottawa Curling Club downtown today. Candice wasn’t too sure about curling, and I was worried it was going to be too basic, but it turned out fun!

We had about a dozen curlers total. Of those, only Eddie (the event organizer, Young Alumni president, and a member of that club) had serious curling experience. another three, including me, had been curling in a rookies’ program since September, and two others had curled but not recently, so I ended up coaching a bit.


Long time no post. It’s always long time no post, isn’t it? Sigh. Got the Christmas icon back, at least! Here’s a weird one for you: I installed Windows (XP Pro) on my laptop the other day. Yes, yes, hell’s frozen over, I know. I need to work in both Windows and Unix regularly, so […]


As some of you figured out yesterday, last night I went curling! It was my third Sunday night out in the rookie program at the Granite Curling Club, which is about a five-minute walk from home. It’s been ups and downs so far, but mostly ups. The first week’s session went well — curling immersion, […]

guess what I did tonight


also the US curling effort seems to involve cute blonde sisters somehow

From a Associated Press overview piece on Olympic curling from the NBC Olympics website: Although popular in Scotland, which claims to have invented curling, and in Canada, which claims to have invented ice, curling remains on the fringe in the United States. Editors? Editors?

snake oil bonspiel

Right now the Canada Cup of Curling is on the CBC. Now, curling’s reasonably mainstream in Canada, enough to get Sunday afternoon TV coverage, but it’s still a second-tier sport, so it tends to collect some odd sponsors. The men’s championship Brier, after being sponsored by Labatt for years, is now sponsored by Tim Horton’s; […]