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  • Tsunami relief

    From Brevity: Robin Hood alert: if you’re Canadian, here’s your chance to steal from the government! (And give to victims of the tsunami.) Donations to Oxfam Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, World Vision Canada, UNICEF Canada, Care Canada, Doctors Without Borders, World University Service of Canada , Salvation Army, Canadian Food for the Hungry International, […]

  • Vive la bière Québecoise!

    One nice part about living here is that around this time of year, Unibroue‘s holiday collection starts appearing in beer stores. For the price of a premium 12-pack, I now have in the fridge: two Édition 2004 extra-strong Belgian-style pale ale, conspicuously absent from their website for some reason (90 on beeradvocate) Blanche de Chambly, […]