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  • Big, popular Canadian blogs?

    I need more cancon in my daily reading. The “A-list” of bloggers approximates the “A-list” of American bloggers, and I want to round out what I’m reading with a Canadian perspective. I find myself reading a lot of interesting blogs from Americans but I’m always sort of an extra step removed, so I want to […]

  • linkythings

    Item! ☞ The pedestrian menace must be stopped! ☞ MY NAME IS MIRIAM SESE-SEKO AND I AM THE WIFE OF THE LATE CHANCELLOR OF THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA. ☞ This article discusses (sort of) the naval forces of the Byzantine Empire. You know, that other kind of ship. The little one. ☞ Also from […]

  • This bug might be gating, folks

    From this CBC article about the jet that went off the end of the runway in Toronto today: At mid-afternoon Tuesday, a spokesperson with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority said lightning was causing technical problems with the airport’s lightning-detection system. I… see.


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  • Canada Day quiz

    So, Canada Day is tomorrow, and the Globe and Mail has prepared a quiz about things Canadian — not necessarily big historical things, just things. Some of you have already done this quiz after Candice posted about it. The rest of you can do it now :-) take the quiz! I got 13/20.

  • thanks for the info

    CBC News: Heat wave could be start of summer-long trend You don’t say! We should do this every year.

  • Ontario new driver sign

    Ontario folks: Have any of you ever seen the sign pictured at left? According to the Driver’s Handbook (which I’m reading to get ready for my M1 test — I feel like I’m 16 again) it’s a “Novice Driver” sign that works like the “L” learner’s plates in the UK, but I’ve never seen one […]

  • What an odd day

    Today was full of weird stuff. I had spent a good part of yesterday evening tracking down an odd bug in Gaim in which it would try to participate in Jabber multiuser conferences using the nickname of the first other user it sees in the conference. It took me most of the night to figure […]