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first, draw a safe on a cardboard box

New from O’Reilly/Syngress: How to Cheat at Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network. I realize that “How To Cheat At” is a book series, but how could a title like that get past an editor and the book’s author without any red flags being raised?

library upgrade week

The Ottawa Public Library‘s electronic catalogue is apparently being upgraded, and as a result is unavailable for three freaking days. What the hell? They helpfully note: You will be able to browse the shelves and renew and check out material. The bookdrop will be accessible as usual. Items will not become due during the week […]

Free books

Candice and I went to Mexicali Rosa’s at the Dow’s Lake Pavilion for fajitas and margaritas tonight. I am full of both and thus a happy mendel. Olé. There’s a shelf near the elevators on the way in from the parking garage here on which people in the building leave things that they don’t want […]