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  • Spam art

    Remember Spamusement? When it was still current, it featured quick pen drawings based on spam subject lines. It was hit and miss but mostly hit; however, it dried up in June 2007. But today Neatorama linked to Kipling West’s Fresh Spam blog, in which she puts considerably more effort than Spamusement did into illustrating spam, […]

  • Ginsberg reading “Howl”

    Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl”. October 9, 1975 [26’52”, 13MB mp3]. Extracted from this Naropa Archive reading.

  • Science tattoos

    Science tattoos on Flickr. [via The Loom]

  • Eyes!

    Illustrator Keri Smith takes a sheet of round stickers and a Sharpie to the streets, leaving her town looking like something Richard Scarry came up with. I know what I’m going to grab next time I’m in Office Depot, derivative or otherwise. (Found via the excellent illustration blog Drawn!, which I’ve seen off and on […]

  • Fantastic 3d rendering

    Check out this amazing 3d rendering of a ZX-6R. The level of detail is amazing, especially for the parts that are obscured by the fairing anyhow. This forum thread follows the development of the model over 5 months and shows high-resolution versions of some of the preliminary work and the naked bike.

  • Wireframe graphics on a Commodore 3032?

    Graphics Demo is brilliant. I wish I had thought of this first. Be sure to see the video.