Here you’ll find things which didn’t fit anywhere else. There’s a mix of bits generated locally and bits collected from elsewhere. Some of it will seem meaningless if you weren’t pointed there. Some of it might be offensive. Some might be funny. Or both. None of it is particularly important, though. Consider this my gallery of ephemera.


Some stuff that’s been sitting in a tarball in the directory full of IRC scripts I copy from host to host, as well as some newer bits I’ve put together myself.


The gallery of ephemera of the gallery of ephemera. Stuff put up temporarily in some context that happened to stick around. (Mark-Jason Dominus created the canonical misc directory; this one pales in comparison, but it’s still useful to me.)

Miscellaneous Images

All of the stuff which happens to be image-based is stored here.

(Everything else under here you’ll need to be pointed at by me.
If you’ve been so and forgotten a URL, find me on IRC or something.)