irish music

Not much here yet; too busy playing to take notes.

The Chiff and Fipple Forums

A web-based forum on the tinwhistle, flute, Uilleann pipes, and Irish
traditional music in general, that I host.

Flute Geezers

Some old recordings of some elder statesmen of the Irish flute
doing what they do best. I’ve lost track of the provenance of these
files other than “Bil from IRTRAD-L”; he’s taken them down from
his site, so I’ve left them around here.

Sheet vs. Ear

An IRTRAD-L post of mine from the last time the sheet music vs. learning
by ear controversy came up on IRTRAD-L. I found myself referring to this
often so I’ve put it up here.

Session files

If you’ve asked me about a tune at a session, and I’ve told you that
I’d put a recording or sheet music up on my website, it’s in here.