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  • Yay, I’ve got DSL now…

    Yay, I’ve got DSL now at the new apartment. I ended up going with Teksavvy, which was a bit of a roller coaster to order — they mistranscribed my credit card number, phone number, and mailed my DSL modem to “First Books”, and then the Bell tech showed up today at the wrong house number, […]

  • Mitel acquires Inter-Tel

    Mitel, my employer, is reportedly acquiring US business VoIP company Inter-Tel for $723M: Citizen story, Ottawa Business Journal story. No punditry from me; I don’t know enough about the business side. I’d never heard of Inter-Tel before now.

  • Public service announcement

    Attention please: “VoIP” is not a verb. Thank you. (Honestly I’d be happy if people didn’t treat it as a single word, but I think that’s a lost cause.)