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Lockheed Martin has a Flickr account.

Lockheed Martin has a Flickr account.

A librarian being awesome…

A librarian being awesome while explaining his library’s refusal to remove a book about gay marriage from its children’s section. (via Kottke)

Cat ladders

Katt-Trappa is a blog about cat ladders.

Seth Godin’s email checklist

Seth Godin: Before you hit send on that next email, perhaps you should run down this list, just to be sure.

TreeHugger on Toronto

TreeHugger had a nice post about Toronto cycling and Bells on Bloor today. (In fact, TreeHugger has a remarkable number of Toronto-related posts, most thanks to Toronto resident and TreeHugger writer Lloyd Alter. Way to represent, Lloyd!)

Christmas Cards From Heaven

I would totally do this: Elaborate Practical Joker Sends Christmas Cards From ‘Heaven’ Two Months After His Death.

Fame is fleeting.

I’m on the FreshBooks staff page now — I guess they’re keeping me!

Ginsberg reading “Howl”

Allen Ginsberg reads “Howl”. October 9, 1975 [26'52", 13MB mp3]. Extracted from this Naropa Archive reading.