This is basically your typical morning around these parts.

5 responses to “meow”

  1. Oh, I’m so pleased it’s not just our house this happens in! Rather adds light to the unexplained bruises! :-D

  2. Right up until the baseball bat is an exact replica of mornings at our place. Instead of grabbing the baseball bat, she just starts biting your face.

  3. Pam: Hah, Rasha’s a biter too. Never hard, just little “love bites”. I’ve always understood the message to be “It’s time for dinner. I know you are made of meat. Is there something you’d rather I had instead?”

  4. I try to tell myself that she has interpreted our kisses to be bites and figures bites mean kisses. She probably is trying to eat us though.

    She’s especially fond of biting my hair, neck and cheek…man, cats are so weird =/