Giving notice

I gave notice at work yesterday! My last day is August 3rd. No turning back now!

The actual notice-giving went well. I had planned on doing it on Tuesday, right after the long weekend, but my manager took that day off, so I had to stew in preparedness for an extra 24 hours. But I caught him first thing Wednesday morning and let it drop. He was a bit, but not a lot, surprised, which makes sense because it was no secret that I was applying to go back to school — I just hadn’t told anyone that I had been accepted or that I was going full-time.

It’s nice to be “out”. This whole school business is feeling more real than ever now.

3 responses to “Giving notice”

  1. I’m amused that I read about this just a day or so after Skud mentioned she had given her notice — it’s as if the two of you had arranged to do so together.

  2. We gave notice the same day, but only found out that we were planning on doing so at midnight the day before ! (…my time, so early the next day her time? I get confused.)

  3. Rich,

    Congrats on the move! We’ll definitely miss you within Mitel… at least, *I* certainly will miss you! But I completely applaud you heading back in to school now while the timing is right. Best wishes with the studies and I’ll look forward to hopefully catching up one of these times I make it up to Ottawa. In the meantime, I’ll look forward to your updates here and on that other site you don’t like. :-) (The one that starts with an F.)

    Best wishes,