Cat update

Just realized I hadn’t posted an update on Mouseycat’s condition. We went back to the vet on Wednesday, and she’d gained over a pound of weight in a week, and her mouth was healing up fine. So she’s got another three weeks of antibiotics (two pills a day, sigh) and then another round of blood tests at the end of that to see if her white blood cell count has gone back to normal.

She’s got her appetite back and other than the twice-daily pill trauma is back to being her old self again.

(Boy, she hates her pills though. And she’s getting good at catching them in her cheeks and spitting them back out, which makes them even more bitter and the entire thing far worse for both of us. I’ve got a plunger cat piller but her technique is to chomp her jaw like she’s chewing and swing her head side to side, which makes it very hard to get the piller in.)

6 responses to “Cat update”

  1. oh! i’m glad the kitty is okay. i didn’t realize there was a problem.

    have you heard of pill pockets? (perhaps they’ve already been discussed). i have one kitty for the life of me that i cannot get a pill down. pill pockets are treats with a hole in one side that you pop the pill in, pinch it shut and they *usually* eat the treat so fast they don’t notice. (yeah right) or if they do they’ve gotten most of it down. they can be price-y but they’ve been cheaper for me than all the blood loss and rat eye looks from mr jiggys.

    best wishes to mouseycat!

  2. The vet suggested pill pockets, but Mouseycat has never liked cat treats — she’s always had eating issues, and she doesn’t trust food that isn’t cat food in a cat bowl. I can’t even give her cheese or tuna.

    We had been feeding her kitten food to get her weight back up a bit, and one day after far too many tries to get the pill in her (some days are good, some aren’t!) we ended up just dissolving it in water and mixing that in with the kitten food — and now she won’t touch unadulterated kitten food either! Luckily she’ll be fine on adult food from here on anyhow.

  3. stick some butter on the pill and should go down the throat easy plus the cat sort of enjoys the aftermath of licking the butter that is missed in the mouth